About Me

I am, anonymous.

I was born in 1989, when China just started to open up its gate towards capitals.It has been quite a privillege to witness the fast growth of China while I grew up. This experience has provided me some ever-lasting inquisitiveness into the obscure reasons and enormous impact of social changes.Part of my time now is still devoted to politics reading, especially the cross-strait China-Taiwan relations.

My hometown is tiny, but cozy. Tons of seafood and rice are abundantly harvested, nurturing  our Yingkou-ers. We have very special culture in comparison with somewhat mainstream Chinese. Though situated in the northeast, we enjoy much more the Southern European mindset and lifestyle. Definitely, I am proudly one of the them bearing this character.

I am a programmer. Previously I did a lot on knowledge engineering, which is a no-go for job hunting. The no-go sign might have been too microscopic in my mind until I found it hard to find a decent placement in the industry, after I got my master’s degree years ago. Now I am taking a way back from the aloft NLP and information extraction topics to progamatic system and app engineering, which I would rather prefer not to consider as self condescendence.

Inheriting the gene from my family, I am a music enthusiastic. I play piano (not that well)and am a baritone. My fav piano pieces are the two compilitions of etudes from Chopin. And never being cynical, I like to sing Josh Groban’s songs. These have brought me much more joy than the annoyment from my neighbours’s complaint.

I also paint. I used to be a graphic designer for a long time.

I speak Mandarin as mother tongue. I learned English, German (still trying), some French and Japanese. Language is a big kill-time for me.

I cook (that has won me a lot of fame). I like nutrition studies and bodybuilding topics as well. Never bored with men’s fashion industry either, I am trying to specialize in fabrics and material.

This blog, by my intent, should serve as a place for my own fun. Some notebook of mind pieces, art works, and maybe more. If you have read until here, I really appreciate all of your time. And hope you enjoy what I enjoy !

Anonymous 06/06/16


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