Websites and books for algorithms learning

  • The black book (Chinese)
    • It is the bible of comparative programming. But you need some solid and well built foundation first to have a better reading experience. Otherwise you would drown yourself in endless Google search.
  • 挑战程序设计竞赛(第2版), プログラミングコンテストチャレンジブック (Chinese ,Japanese)
    • Originally written in Japanese, this book has superior explanations of a wide spectrum of algorithms at all levels. Nobody should be disappointed after reading. Download the Japanese version if you like: プログラミングコンテストチャレンジブック
  • Programming Challenges (English, available in almost all major languages)
    • It is written by Skiena, period.
  • The Algorithm Design Manual (English, available in almost all major languages)
    • Again it is written by Skiena, period.
  • Geeks for geeks (English)
    • If you are preparing for Google and Facebook interview, go and get yourself trained. Problems are usually at beginner level.
  • Leetcode, Lintcode
    • For beginners and job hunters.
  • (Chinese)
    • This website is in Chinese and mostly about NLP and algorithms. It is blog like and shows a total learning trail of the blogger who is an amateur expert in NLP. I am totally shocked about his background as an undergrad, starting-from-scratch expert. Having worked in top notch research institute in database/nlp, I have to say my colleagues and even me myself are not really on par with him.
  • (Chinese)
    • A blog which has beginner – medium algorithm tutorials. There are tons of Chinese blogs out there like this. I picked this one just as an example.

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